Our Cheese Boxes

We want to make our uniquely cultured cheeses available to those who might not be able to get to Farmers Markets or retailers.


About the Box

We offer a weekly Cheese Box delivered direct from the farm to Victorian customers.

Our Cheese Box contains a selection of our best cheeses for the week; a mix of styles and flavours chosen by the cheesemakers. You choose a set price for your box, starting at $60 plus delivery.

While it’s not possible for you to choose the exact cheeses, each week’s box will include a selection from each of our Cheese Families. As a small, dynamic farmstead, we make our cheeses according to the goats (and cows) and the season, and we release them at peak eating.

By providing you a mix of fresh curd, soft rind, semi-soft and semi-hard cheeses, your Cheese Box should provide perfect eating at your leisure.

Here are some examples to give an idea of the amount and the type of cheeses in a given box size; remember the specific contents will vary.

Examples of $60 Cheese Box

Example of $120 Cheese Box

Example of $120 Cheese Box

Example of $170 Cheese Box

$170 example box - the full box

Our Cheese Boxes are based on Farmers Market prices, in an effort to make our cheeses available to those constant market-goers unable to make their regular cheese buy. We also want to make our cheese readily available to all Victorian cheeselovers, especially in the current climate.


We need your order by 3pm Wednesday for delivery of your Box in the following week, on Thursday or Friday, depending on where you live. This allows us time to make the fresh curd cheeses.

You can cancel an order up until 5pm Wednesday if you change your mind or your circumstances.

You can pay on-line via credit card and Pay Pal. Payments will be processed on ordering and you will receive a confirmation email that the order has been taken and payment made. 

We offer a flat rate shipping fee, regardless of the size and number of Boxes you order (up to 18kg weight). If your order doesn’t raise a shipping cost when you enter your postcode, please contact us for clarification.

Delivery and Care

We will confirm your delivery day when your order is processed.

Cheese is a living, perishable thing. We want you to get the best from your Cheese Box. We do our utmost to ensure your order arrives in top condition and in good time. We use a refrigerated courier and include a coolpack in your box.

Please ensure someone will be home to accept the delivery – especially if it’s a gifted box! Alternatively leave an esky by your front door so that your order will be kept cool until you return home. Please note that if there is no-one home to accept the delivery personally, your order will be left by the front door.

Once your delivery arrives, unpack it straight away and check all is well and the cheese is cool to the touch. If anything looks awry, eg. damaged packaging, wrong order, contact us straight away. Take a photo of the contents/cheese and send it to us at info@holygoatcheese.com.au. Put your cheeses into the refrigerator asap.

After being inside the box it is normal for soft rind cheeses to give off an aroma when you open up the box. This will dissipate. 

Your cheeses will all have a Best By Date – generally the fresh curd cheeses have a shorter “Best By” but all our cheeses are sent out with enough time for you to eat at your leisure.

If you want to know more about how to store and care for your cheese, go to our Cheese Care page.

The Fine Print

If your cheese box is delayed due to problems with our courier, eg. mechanical breakdown, weather, other declared emergencies, we will work with them to replace any damaged product. 

We are not responsible for replacement or refunds where you have given us an incorrect delivery address, or where boxes are delivered to an absentee address/left unopened. You need to contact us on delivery, ASAP, if there are problems with your order.

Any details you provide us will be confidential, we do not keep credit card details and any info you provide is for the purposes of providing you cheese. Read our Privacy Policy