Holy Goat Cheese

Our farm is small, producing high quality farmhouse cheeses. For us, growth is about sustainability, quality, generosity and compassion – for our land and water, our herd, our people and our farm.

Our Farm

To be a farmer is an incredibly special opportunity. I can’t think of a better way to be, and to be in control of my destiny


In 1999 Carla Meurs and Ann-Marie Monda purchased Sutton Grange Organic Farm, 204 acres of rolling granite plains, in Jaara (Dja Dja Wurrung) Country. The farm lies 150km north of Melbourne, 20 km east of Castlemaine and 30 km south of Bendigo.

Our goat herd graze on native grass and pasture-cropped paddocks.

Thirty percent of the farm has been set aside to preserve intact native grass, wildflowers, shrubs and trees and this allocation is growing. Each year we plant around 700 trees and understory plants.

Our NASAA Certified Organic farm includes a substantial area protected under a Trust For Nature Covenant.

Discover Our Cheese

Our fresh, rind-ripened and semi-hard cheeses reflect the quality of the milk, the health and happiness of our herd, and the soils and pastures that support them.

We create eleven different cheeses, developed over decades of experience, knowing and learning. All of our cheeses have a different story – and a taste – to tell.

You can buy our cheeses from local stockists and farmers markets.

Our Herd

We start early in the dairy, but we are greeted every morning by the sunrise and the birdsong, and then the goats


We have 120 Saanen and British Alpine Goats in the herd. Goats are beautiful animals to work with – they are loving, playful, naughty and intelligent. We wouldn’t be cheese makers if we couldn’t care for the land and the goats that produce the milk.

Our herd also includes our dedicated and energetic team of workers who are involved in all aspects of the farm, from cutting chaff, to milking, making, wrapping, dispatching and selling our cheeses.


Contact Us


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Website photography by Bronwyn Silver, Janet Barker and Ann-Marie Monda