Farewell Holy Goat and thanks for the Cheeses

Our vocation has been to farm, cherish goats and make consistent delicious cheese every day. The daily routine observing, bringing curiosity and careful observation to the land, the herd, the milk, cheese and each other.

It’s an illusion to be attached to this being permanent. We see in the farming and cheesemaking world how changeable things can be, with the weather, a thunderstorm or a hot dry north wind blowing, the birth or death of a goat and the changing hierarchy in the herd, or the milking machine breaking down and another pump to fix. To live today and not project into the future and accept impermanence expands our life rather than limits it. Easy to write but harder to live by.

As we live with impermanence, we in sadness and courage are closing our goat dairy and the cheeseroom and farewelling Holy Goat.

You have been such an integral part of this journey and together we have sustained each other. From working in our team, buying and selling our cheese, supporting organic farming, telling the story of our farm and ethical farming, or just dreaming as we do on how to live wholeheartedly with kindness and respect.

We will continue to be custodians of this land and live on our farm, sharing our lives with our beautiful goatherd and caring for the soil, plants and native critters. Bush remnants will be protected with the Trust for Nature covenant and a further extension and expansion of habitat plantings for birds and mammals will grow with our Rewild Wooroomook project.

Holy Goat will continue to operate and fulfil orders up to and including Easter. There will be limited cheese up to the middle of April, then we will stop milking the goats and cheese production will cease. As our working lives are integrated, we understand these changes will affect us differently. Please call Paula for assistance if needed.

Thank you wholeheartedly for your support, care and understanding.

With love and gratitude,

Ann-Marie and Carla