We have an opportunity for a Trainee Dairy Goat Milker and Cheesemaker at Holy Goat. The role will build on experienced workers’ skills or new to the industry workers’ skills through training and instruction on the farm.

Training will cover all aspects of milking, handling, and care of the herd with attentive and sensitive observation towards the goats for their life. Assisting the cheesemakers forms an additional part of this role that can be built upon, depending on experience, aptitude, interest and needs of the farm. This is a collaborative role with other team members and management working together to build the wellbeing of the people, farm, goats, and cheese.

Interested? We would encourage you to read through our website, most importantly our blogs, to gain more information and appreciation on our farm and our cheesemaking approaches and practices.

Still interested? Contact 0448 316 686 for more details and the position description.

Find out more about employment at Holy Goat here.

See the position description here.