Cheese Care

Wrap and seal your cheese. Cheese straight in the ‘frig is like putting a baby on a glacier!


Holy Goat cheese is a living thing. It breathes – and dries out if it breathes too much. Our wrappers are designed to maintain the quality of the cheese from our farm to your refrigerator.

We strongly recommend you keep the cheese in its individual wrapper after opening, and then place it in a sealed container. The lack of humidity in a normal refrigerator is very drying for cheese.

And, apart from the Fromage Frais, keep our cheeses out of the freezer!

We want you to get the best from your Cheese Box. We do our utmost to ensure your order arrives in top condition and in good time. Once your delivery arrives, unpack it straight away and check all is well and the cheese is cool to the touch. If anything looks awry, eg. damaged packaging, wrong order, contact us straight away. Take a photo of the contents/cheese and send it to us at Put your cheeses into the refrigerator asap.

After being inside the box it is normal for soft rind cheeses to give off an aroma when you open up the box. This will quickly dissipate.

Your cheeses will all have a Best Before Date – generally the fresh curd cheeses have a shorter “best before” but all our cheeses are sent out with enough time for you to eat the cheese at your leisure.

Cheese will taste best if you let it come to room temperature before serving.