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  1. I’ve been reading your website this morning and the thing that has impressed me most is your obvious love for your precious goats. You don’t just see them as money-making machines. You really care for each one of them and want them to be healthy and happy for their own sakes as well as yours. At a time when Animals Australia is continually fighting for an end to diabolical cruelty to farm animals it’s so refreshing to read about your Holy Goats. They’re definitely truly blessed! Sincerely, Wendy Bird, Queensland – All the best!

  2. I was in Melbourne for 4 days and had the great chance to taste the beautiful natured holy goat cheese at Elwood market… (Many Thanks To Paula and ? Who not only offered me little pieces of what was left at the back), a superb matured cheese that was.
    Originally from France and naturally born with a palate for tasty cheeses with substance, I was astounded and so happy to taste something so closed to what I’d known back there! As I live in Blackheath, blue mountains, I’d be very grateful to know where I could go to have this wonderful experience again?!
    Even if I had to make a trip further down like Sydney once in a while…
    Many thanks for your help and assistance.
    Warmest regards
    Evelyne Gérard ???

  3. Oops i forgot to write the word “exquisite”! At the end of the first paragraph… hope you can add it?

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