A must read cheese … plus meet the makers

We’ll be at the upcoming launch of “Reinventing Farmhouse Cheese”, a book by British cheese stalwarts Bronwyn and Francis Percival which focusses on the lost (well, certainly not lost from a Holy Goat perspective!) art of farmhouse cheesemaking; once de rigour across the UK, USA and here in Australia.

Global industrialisation of food production has had a big impact on cheese making, but some small producers have held out, stayed true to their herds and their small-scale cheesemaking craft and now many others see it as a viable, sustainable way of production.

To launch the book, the Australian Specialty Cheesemakers Association (ASCA), of which we are members, is holding a panel session at the Calendar Cheese Company, 326 Lorimer Street, Port Melbourne on Friday 23 March, 5.30 – 8pm.

Richard Cornish will moderate the panel, which will focus on the important and exciting work and collaboration between scientists and cheesemakers.

Carla and microbiologist Dr Ian Powell will talk about our work in culturing great goat’s cheese.

Other speakers include Mateo Kehler of Jasper Hill Farm in Vermont, USA and Bronwen Percival of Neals’ Yard Dairy in London.  Mateo and brother Andy create raw-milk cheese on their farm and also age cheeses from other small farms in the area in their Cellars at Jasper Hill.

At Neal’s Yard Dairy, the Percivals select, mature and sell farmhouse cheese from the UK and Ireland, working with about 40 cheesemakers to select the batches the Dairy will mature and sell.

Hear about what it takes to flourish in the world of farmhouse and artisan cheeses today, then taste some of these cheeses, accompanied by matching wines.

Cost to attend is $25 for ASCA members and $50 for non members. You don’t have to be a cheesemaker to join ASCA; being a cheeselover alone is enough to become a member. For more info on the night and to book and purchase tickets,  click here.