We enjoy the energy and positive approach that young people bring to the farm and the opportunity to provide them with another model for sustainable farming. It’s been a vital part of our farms growth.


Sutton Grange Organic Farm Farm is a busy place, besides the farming and cheesemaking. On weekends we have weekly farmers markets both local and in Melbourne and often family and friends to stay. Carla and Ann-Marie employ 6 workers who are all valued for their contribution to milking, cheese making, wrapping and dispatching cheeses, office management, cleaning and farm work. There are farm dogs, Ruby and Sylvie and about 80 wild kangaroos live alongside the goats. The farm is well treed and sustains a lot of wild life. Ann-Marie and Carla enjoy bike riding, swimming, reading, music, socialising, eating and drinking wine.

Castlemaine (population ~9000) our nearest town, has a thriving arts culture, good restaurants, bars and shopping. Bendigo (population ~110,000) has all the services of a large regional city. The train from Castlemaine to Melbourne takes about 1½ hours.

There are renovated and fully equipped workers’ quarters on the farm available for students and visitors. Everyone eats breakfast and lunch together and in the evening students make their own meal in the workers’ quarter, with all food provided. Evenings are also an opportunity to read and study about goats, organic farming and cheese production, with the occasional dinner shared. This accommodation may need to be shared with other guests from time to time.

There is an expectation that students engage in all farm work to gain a full experience of the demands of a small farm. Typical work days start at 6am and finish 6pm with an afternoon rest time. Students have 2 days off per week. There is sometimes weekend work. Students work with Ann-Marie and Carla and other workers as required.

Skills required for work at the farm

Highly desirable

  • Experience with dairy goats and goat husbandry.
  • Practical farm skills for example repairing fences, maintaining equipment, using tools, machinery.
  • Experience with the production and maturation of cheese.
  • Agricultural qualifications

We will also consider applicants who can demonstrate a real passion for organic dairy farming and cheese making.

All interns must have good people skills and enjoy working as part of a team. We are looking for people who like taking responsibility for their work.


We provide on farm accommodation, food for all meals and an Interns payment according to the Pastoral Award.


We strive to create a work environment that is comfortable, open, clear and honest for everyone. We meet every morning as a team for breakfast. During this time we share what’s happening on the farm and how people are going. Formal feedback is provided during the three month’s review process.

Length of commitment

For interns we are looking for a minimum stay of three months with up to nine months stay

Applying to be an intern at Sutton Grange Organic Farm

If you are interested in applying for an internship, the first step is to answer the questions below and send us the response along with a current resume. Our email address is Based on your response, we will contact you to set up a phone interview and potentially a farm visit.

  1. What interests you most about working at our farm?
  2. What experience and training do you bring to this internship?
  3. Describe in detail any cheese making or commercial food preparation/handling experience.
  4. What specifically interests you in cheese making?
  5. Describe in detail any farm experience you have, specifically work with animals.
  6. List anything else you think might be helpful in describing yourself, for example personal interests.